Over 10 years of experience

Greetings to you intergalactic travellers

Welcome to this land rich in feline creatures. If you find yourself wondering „What on Earth…”, let me explain 🙂




How it all began?

I was 17 and I got a job in a tattoo parlour, then another one, then another. 3 years into working for others, I decided to start my own parlour in an old railway station out of all the places. We created it out of a pile of rabble. Me and a team of builders created something out of nothing in 3 months. I planted flowers on top of unfixable imperfections.

Together, we created Nasza.


Our story

The place where your art comes to life!

Perhaps you’re thinking „a tattoo parlour in a derelict building is essentially a squat”
You’re wrong. Or maybe you’re right. If by a „squat” you mean a creative space where people get to express the beauty of their bodies and souls, then you’re right.
160 square metres of safe space for artistic and spiritual growth. Half of it dedicated to body art, half to the pure beautification of the soul – yoga, workshops, lectures, you name it.

I guess you could safely say that Nasza is the biggest creative space in Poland. Is it the GREATEST? I certainly think so. It’s great enough to have taken the accustomed to greatness city of Wroclaw by storm.
I’m told that one is surrounded by the sort of people they deserve. If that’s true, then everyone at Nasza is a pretty awesome person.

You should check it out.